I'm sexy!

2011-01-31 06:34:41 by cloverkid13

Hello friends of newgrounds!

Once again, I haven't left at all, just havn't been making anything either. How do you feel about that? I don't care! Haha! Deal you wonders of the modern age!

Anywho, still not going to be making things, I have a life. Though I may start making things sooner or later, no promises though.


I'm back!

2010-09-12 15:26:38 by cloverkid13

I got my Windows XP Proffesional Service Pack 1 disk and my computer is working again! =D

So, I made some more wallpapers and a music track!
Techno Feet 13
Listen and enjoy =D.

Well, well, well

2010-08-26 15:58:29 by cloverkid13

Here I am once again.

See but this time I havn't made anything, because I can't.
It's not because I don't love you! I do! I swear!
But you see... my computer won't let me install anything on it. So my super duper sweet copy of Flash CS5 can't go on here.

So, if you want more from me either wait awhile or buy me a new Windows XP Proffesional Service pack 2 Operating System disk. Thanks will be given upon receive of the product =D

Happy Sailing!

Well, well, well

I'm Back!

2010-03-22 18:46:52 by cloverkid13

Haven't been on in a while now have I? Well, that's going to change. I've decided to start programming, drawing, and music mixing. You're going to see a lot more of me in the future. =D

Countdown to Christmas

2008-11-13 16:51:26 by cloverkid13

Countdown to Christmas!

Here we are, November. Ah, it seems like only yesterday I was out trick or treating with my friends...

But never mind that. IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!
Christmas the time of fun laughter and free gifts form people you love or somewhat care about a little. Even if you don't like them you still feel like you have to give them a hug or hand them a cookie. But, if you really hate them then you feel liek you have to pee on thier house, or hit thier dog with a lawn mower. (Don't ask me why you would be using a lawn mower in winter, it's your house)

But, to get to the point. I am just going to reveal my Wish List for christmas.

1. A 80GB PS3
2. Two Sixaxis controllers for said PS3
3. Little Big Planet (PS3 Game)
4. Grand Theft Auto 4 (Also a PS3 Game)
5. A memory stick for the PS3 (I want to transfer data from one PS3 to another)

There. That is my wish list for Christmas 2008.

My First Post!!

2008-07-01 15:32:49 by cloverkid13

My first post and im using it for advertisements for my website!

How rude...

Oh well!

Also for that one spider game. Ahrachnillo or something like that... I took a screen shot of over 11 bees on one web!

=D I so proud!

My First Post!!